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What we look for:

Emerton Leadership seeks a combination of a successful track record and personal capabilities and values, such as:

Successful experience and track record

  • Global leaders with confirmed international experience
  • Track record of effective execution (top-line development, company transformation, complex negotiations, etc.)
  • Superior knowledge of his/her sector or field of expertise, securing short ramp-ups

Personal capabilities and values

  • Leadership and strategic vision, with the ability to engage employees, customers and shareholders
  • ‘Make-it-happen’ mindset
  • Professional with the highest ethical standards, fostering excellence, engagement and integrity
How to join our network:

Please send your resume and professional project to We will review it thoroughly and indicate to you the type of assignments we think your profile would be best suited for. We will let you know if we have immediate opportunities that could be a good fit.

Depending on the situations, we may want to further understand your track record. In such case, we will suggest a short phone conversation, or plan a face-to-face meeting in one of our offices.

We will keep in touch regularly to remain up-to-date on your achievements and aspirations, and you should feel free to reach out to us anytime to share your updates.



16 Avenue Hoche, Paris, France

T: +33 1 53 75 38 75