Accelerated recruitment of managers and decision-makers

In most cases, companies cannot take the risk of leaving key positions without a permanent manager. Transition management is of course a very effective waiting solution to define, initiate and implement transformations in the absence of such a holder.

However, in many cases, the context is such that it is imperative to find candidates urgently and to fill these positions. The usual delays in traditional hunting and executive recruitment processes may then be difficult to accept.

The accelerated recruitment proposed by Emerton Leadership consists, after the establishment of detailed specifications conducted with the client, in identifying, qualifying and presenting, within 3 to 4 weeks, quickly available candidates who meet the key criteria of the permanent position.

This research is carried out both in our pool of experienced leaders and in our national and international networks. Of course, beyond the signing of an offer or employment contract, Emerton Leadership’s mission continues with the monitoring of integration into the position.