At a glance

Emerton Leadership brings executive management solutions when time is critical. Emerton Leadership provides interim management solutions for success-critical positions and accelerated recruitment solutions for business leaders.

Emerton Leadership is an executive interim management firm operating on the highest end of the market. We specialize in senior level assignments. We continuously consolidate a pool of the very best interim executive leaders for our corporate clients.

Our mission is to source business leaders and the best on-demand project directors for our clients, to rapidly close their capability gap, to increase the speed of their organization and ability to deliver their strategy.

Our team is made of very experienced professionals in executive interim management, with a deep knowledge of our pool of business leaders and of the success conditions of executive interim assignments.

Emerton Leadership is the interim management arm of Emerton. On certain assignments, we work together in supporting the interim leader with access to Emerton resources, to bring the most relevant and complete answer to a business situation, securing higher value and quicker results.

Emerton Leadership conducts searches across the globe.

Management team

Claire Bisiaux

Global Talent Director

Gilles Debry


Bernard Flobert


Bernard Puraye


Sébastien Plessis


Pascal Simon


Dominique Langlois

Senior Advisor

Oscar Perreau de Pinninck

Senior Advisor

Together Bernard, Denis, Gilles, Sebastien and Pascal bring an incomparable blend of experience that can be applied to understand your needs and to select the right profile of an interim leader that will help you succeed.

Our network of Senior Advisors can also be solicited by interim managers for mentoring, or to address specific issues and obtain decisive help.

Our edge and value proposition

Ensure mission success

Emerton Leadership is strongly equipped to provide relevant solutions and profiles with tight deadlines to clients’ requests and meet the success conditions of a mission:

  • Reactiveness: Emerton Leadership has built a select pool of highly qualified interim leaders that we continuously feed and update to meet demand, with strong client engagement
  • Understanding of business situations and client needs: our business experience enables us to rapidly assess a situation and understand client needs
  • Relevance and adapted solution: we provide tailored and flexible solutions
  • Close attention to mission success: mission roadmap written with a Partner, regular milestones and updates of the partner-manager tandem, unparalleled coaching and back-up

We work with highest professional standards. The 3 values that define our work and relationships with our customers and our Interim Leaders are: Execution, Engagement, and Integrity.

We source true leaders that engage their teams and leave their assignments in a significantly improved situation compared to where it was when they arrived.



16 Avenue Hoche, Paris, France

T: +33 1 53 75 38 75